Madame SIRRI Nelly FORBI Sirri Nelly is a Research Assistant at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, under the National Centre for Education, Department of Economics and Environmental Studies. Nelly has Environmental Science degrees in the options Natural Resource Management at the bachelor’s level ; Environmental Cleansing and Restoration ; and Environmental Assessment and Management at the masters level. Broadly, Nelly has keen interest in climate change adaptation and mitigation and sustainable development. Nelly has an accreditation from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

Selected publications                                                          

  • Sagang Takougoum, Le Bienfaiteur; Imma, Tcheferi; Ploton, Pierre; Libalah, Moses; Simo-Droissart, Murielle; Sirri, Nelly; Dauby, Gilles; Ngansop, Eric; Bissek, Jean Pierre; Kamdem, Guy Narcisse; Mofack, Gislain II; Zebaze, Donatien;  Sonké, Bonaventure; Barbier, Nicolas; Couteron, Pierre, (2022). Soil modulation of the grass-fire feedback shapes the dynamics of forest expansion in humid savannas. Ecological Monographs (Under Review).
    • Sirri Nelly F., and Hervé Mvondo M., (August 2021), Electronic waste challenge in Cameroon : case of Yaoundé. Revue Pluridisciplinaire Africaine de L’Environnment, No 3 August 2021.
    • Sirri Nelly F. Hervé Mvondo M., Raoul Elah E., (May 2021), Lutte contre la covid-19 et sécurité alimentaire au Cameroun : une analyse de l’impact des mesures de gestion de la crise sanitaire sur les chaînes d’approvisionnement. Revue Pluridisciplinaire Africaine de L’Environnment, No 2 May 2021
    • Sirri, N. F., Libalah, M. B., Momo Takoudjou, S., Ploton, P., Medjibe, V., Kamdem, N. G., Mofack, G., Sonke, B., and Barbier, N., (2019). Allometric models to estimate leaf area for tropical African broadleaved forests. Geophysical Research Letters, 46, 8985–8994. 2019GL083514
    • Barbier N., Sonké. B., Momo S., Libalah M., Mofack G., Ploton P., Droissart V., Kandem N., Zebaze D., Sirri N., Sagang L., Viennois G., Pélissier R., Couteron P. (2016). Structure et dynamique des forêts du Cameroun.

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