Arrey Arrey-Ndip NKONGHO is Research Officer and the Head of Education Unit, National Centre for Education (CNE). He is also a Member of Africa Evidence Network.

His work focuses on a broad range of areas such as education (with particular emphasis on issues in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)); ethical issues in social research; coaching and mentoring across and within organisations; and systematic reviews to generate research evidence to inform public policy and practice decisions – He have peer-reviewed protocols for systematic reviews.  He equally pay attention to contemporary problems which have educational and social impacts, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

He is passionate about TVET management issues, including teacher development; I have taught at the Advanced Technical Teacher Training College, University of Douala, Cameroon; as well as in Nigeria. He is currently working on a couple of books such as, ‘Measurement and Evaluation in Education in Emerging Economies’; ‘Managing Successful Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Programmes: A Theoretical and Practical Approach’; and ‘Advancing Education in Cameroon in the Twenty-first Century and Beyond: Issues, Challenges and Prospects’.

Selected Publications

  • (2022), “Cultural Perspectives on COVID-19 Existence, Origins, Preventive Measures and Remedies: A Survey of Selected Communities in the Yaounde Municipality”; Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (JHSSS), 4(3), 276-293 (with E. G. Arrika)
    •  (2020), The Current State and Future of eLearning in Educational Institutions in Cameroon: A Case Study of the City of Yaounde; Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (JHSSS); 2 (4), 141 – 153 ( with Makoudem T. M; Nouazi, K. C.; Njikam, A & Tamajong, E)
    •  (2020), “An Investigation into Researchers’ Awareness and Consideration of Ethical Issues in Social Science Research: A Survey of Selected Research Centres of the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, Yaounde, Cameroon”; Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies (JHSSS), 2(3), 62-79.
    •  (2005), “Risks and Uncertainties in Vocational Education in Africa” in Hope    A. & Oliver, P. (Eds.) Risks, Education and Culture, published by Ashgate Publishing (UK) Limited (Hardback edition).

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