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Mrs Achu Frida Njiei is a senior researcher in the department of social studies of the National Center for Education.  She obtained the following degree in the university of Yaounde I, a bachelor’s degree in (2002) in Anthropology, Maitrise in Medical Anthropology in (2006) and DEA in Anthropology of Development 2011. She began the doctorate program in 2015 in the university of Dschang where she obtained a PhD in Integrated Rural Development and Agricultural Extension in (2020).

She was recruited in 2011 as a Research Assistant at the National Center for Education. The scientific carrier of Dr Achu Frida Njiei earned her a promotion to the rank of a Senior Research officer.  She has devoted her self more to research in projects proposal, writing, coordination of field work, analyzing data, reporting and publications of research findings and also coordinating/supervising junior researchers. She has participated in some projects like: Access to land ownership and empowerment of rural women in Cameroon; Socio- economic and cultural effect of disasters in Cameroon; socio economic impacts of the diaspora in Cameroon.

From 2007 to 2008 she worked as a support staff to the office of the Minister trade and the ministry of Culture respectively. Her multiple scientific publications focus on three axes; Agroforestry and development, Socio cultural studies and medical Anthropology. She has publication in the following domain amongst which is child marriage in rural Cameroon, Community participation in rural development, Agroforestry and poverty reduction, constraints in marketing of agroforestry products, access to right of land ownership, gender inequality and food security, sustainability stakeholders perspective in agroforestry management and anthropological use of medical plants in the treatment of diseases.

Specific publications

  • Achu, F. N., & Aziamin. A. N. (2015), “Development challenges amongst the Baka people of the Eastern Region of Cameroon: An Anthropological perspective”. International journal of innovation and applied sciences. ISSN2028-9324- www.ijias.issr-journal.org
  • Achu F. N, Tchouamo, I. R., & Socpa A. (2019), “Agroforestry and Poverty Reduction in Cameroon: The Case Study of Manyu Division”. International journal of advanced research and publications. Volume 3 – Issue 6, June 2019. Edition. http://www.ijarp.org/paper-details.php?ref_number=RP0619-2388
  • Achu Frida Njiei, Norah Aziamin Asongu (2021), “Socio-cultural Factors that Hinder the Domestication of Non-timber Forest Products (NTFPs) by farmers in Manyu division, south west region of Cameroon”. International Journal of Science Advances, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp. 453.458.



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