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Dimitri Gerrard KEUMOE

Monsieur KEUMOE Dimitri Gerrard Specialized in Computer arts and 3d modelling, Keumoe Gerard Dimitri is a Junior Researcher at the National Centre of Education, Department of Art, Religion and Heritage, and is also a fully dedicated and member of the research unit dedicated to Cultural heritage.

He has based his researches around the contribution of video game technologies in the economic development of Cameroun since his integration at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in 2016.

Keumoe also offers lectures at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaounde (also commonly known as Polytech), as an associate lecturer. Where he guides and shares his skills to the future generation of game designers as well as game artist.

As a game art enthusiast, he studies modelling software, tools and skills associated to 3d character arts. He also offers his help as a 3d modelling consultant artist and his online portfolio can be visited on Artstation via https://dimikmo.artstation.com/.



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