Born on the 13th April 1982, Mr. Godlove  CHIATEH KINGKOH is an assistant researcher.

He completed his Master’s 1 in Law in 2006 after obtaining a first degree in Law and political sciences in 2004 all in the University of Dschang, an A’ Level certificate in 2001 at the Government High School, where he obtained an O Level certificate earlier on in 1998.

This academic potential led to his recruitment in 2016 at the National Center for Education.  The scientific career of Mr. Chiateh Kingkoh is consecrated by his active participation in the development of project terms of reference, the organization of colloquiums and conferences, the execution and the restitution of research results within his research institution.

He has the following areas of competence

  • General Administration and Support services.
  • Development Researcher on Environmental and Economic issues.
  • General Administration and Legal issues.
  • Human Resource development and capacity building.
  • Study, planning and monitoring of projects.
  • GPS Expert.
  • Production of television and radio developmental programs/documentaries.
  • Social inclusion
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