Mr CHEBOH NDANGOSON Ezekiel is from Pinying Mezam division in the north west region and is a researcher with the National Centre for Education at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation, in the department of Law and Political Studies (DEPJ).

He studied in EEC Azire Bamenda where he obtained his O Level in 1999, went on to Longla

Comprehensive High School where he obtained his A Level in 2000. He then went to the University of Dschang where he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Law in 2005. Then later obtained a Post Graduate Diploma (Maîtrise) in Common Law inspiration 2006, and a Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law, International Penal Law and International Humanitarian Law in 2007. Then a Master’s one in History of International Relation in 2017 in the University of Yaoundé I. 

This academic potential motivated his recruitment in 2011 as a research assistant at the National Centre for Education. His various scientific publications focus on issues of human rights protection and conflict resolution in the African context. He is a dedicated researcher who works actively to:

  • Promote economic, social, and cultural development through research activities
    • Disseminate and use research results in collaboration with all of the national economy, ministry and relevant bodies of the state
    • In collaboration with the Ministry of External Relations and Higher Education, engages in managing international cooperation matters that concern research
    • Carry out personal research which help in the development of the country
    • Participate in the development of project terms of reference, the execution and the restitution of results
    • Influence governmental politics on economic, social and political development

 Selected publications

  • 2023, “La consolidation de la paix par les organes des droits de l’homme en Afrique: cas de la cour et la Commission de Droits de l’Homme et de peuples” in Sariette et Paul Batibonak (dir) Coopérer dignement en contexte africain, Yaoundé, Monange, 2023, pp. 177-200, ISBN : 978-9956-0-4781-9.
  • 2014, “The response of mechanisms for Cameroon’s participation in the negotiations of Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) with the European Union, Negotiating mandate and structures”IJIAS,ISSN 2028-9324 Vol. 6 No. 4 July 2014, pp. 1138-1148.

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