Mr. AWAH KUM TCHOUAFFI  is a PhD. fellow in Medical Anthropology and a Researcher at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation. He is a member of the Department of Economic and Environmental Studies of the National Center for Education.

He is also a holder of Bachelor of Science (Bsc.) and a Masters’ Degree (Msc.) from the University of Yaoundé I at the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences, obtained in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

This academic potential led to his recruitment in 2020 as a Research Assistant at the National Center for Education.  The scientific career of Mr. Awah Kum is consecrated by his numerous publications thereafter, he has devoted himself more to research in the Humanities and Social Sciences oriented towards dynamics that are revealed around Medical Anthropology.

His areas of expertise are centered on, but are not limited to; design and implementation of operational research in the Social Sciences, qualitative (ATLAT.ti and Nvivo) and quantitative (SPSS and CSPro) computer-assisted data analysis, the monitoring and evaluation of research projects, communication for Development (C4D).

A dedicated researcher who participates actively in the development of project Terms of Reference, the organization of colloquiums and conferences, the execution and the restitution of research results within his research institution.

Scientific publications

  • 2022, maternal mortality in Cameroon: an urgent need for action. In, center for the development of good practices in health/ vol 6 –
  • Medical Anthropology and Practice of Medicine in Health Issues, Somatosphere with NDIPHO TATOU, C. K.

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